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Losing Weight Is Easy

How to reach your ideal weight and perfect body without great efforts.

It is very easy to achieve the body you’ve been longing for. As soon as you have become aware of the fundamental correlations, you know what to do and you’ll start shedding pounds in next to no time. The information about nutrition is given in this HEKA-guidebook in an easily understandable manner and provided in “appetizing bites“. You get your body in shape without being hungry or having to count calories – and it tastes quite fine. Using this book, you will have fun going shopping, preparing food and eating in a more target-oriented way.

And the result – your slim, healthy and balanced body.

The author, Mr. Herbert Kallinich, focuses on the essential facts and very pragmatically communicates the details you have to consider for reaching your perfect body and maintaining it for a long time. Successfully applying the method described by him, he – a man of action – managed to reach his ideal weight and to regain his vitality. He refrains from lengthy and complex scientific explanations in his HEKA-guidebook; instead he prefers providing the reader with short, precise and important facts.

“Losing Weight Is Easy“ is a book which will immediately arouse your attention and take you by the hand. It will not only join you on your way through the food jungle by giving easily comprehensible information, but also give you memorable assistance in tracing and avoiding the “evildoers” in the future.

About the author:

Herbert Kallinich is the author of the German book “Gesund & schlank-länger leben” (Healthy & Slim – a Longer Life). For 25 years he had been suffering from a body weight of 100 kg at a height of 178 cm. The success proved him right. Consequently he has meanwhile been enjoying the positive effects of this method for 23 years which are moreover confirmed by the happier and easier lives of the numerous (slenderized) readers of his book.








You have decided to bring your body in shape – in an extremely simple and most comfortable manner. This book will advise you in an easily understandable way of your body’s reactions on various foods so that you will know within short what foods helps you to slim and what foods should be avoided. As soon as you are on the right track, you will not suffer any setbacks. You will be astonished how easy it is! Don’t hesitate and start right away! Enjoy reading the book and best of luck with slimming!


The author Herbert Kallinich:

“I have been suffering from 25 kg overweight for a quarter of a century. None of the usual slimming cures and diets worked. Only after I had studied the correlations I found the correct successful method. Today I am enjoying it already for more than 23 years. Many readers of my German book “Gesund &schlank - länger leben“ make the same positive experience.”






Table of Contents:


1. Slimming – and Fattening Food

Just know what makes you slim.


2. Food–Addiction–Drug Nr. 1

And how to get rid of it.


3. Enjoy Your Food

You learn to listen to your body.


4. Losing Weight on the best Way

The three daily main meals.


5. Order of a Meal

That’s what your stomach likes.


6. Eating and Drinking as You Please

Eat as much as you like and still lose weight.


7. The Ideal Body Shape Lies Dormant in You

Now you can wake it up.






Losing Weight is Easy- with the help of the HEKA-guidebook.

Author Herbert Kallinich


HEKA AUTO Kallinich

HEKA Verlag Freiburg

Schwarzwaldstraße 42

79117 Freiburg / Germany


ISBN no.: 978-3-9817000-1-5


Copyright by HEKA Verlag Freiburg; all rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever (electronical, mechanical manner including photocopying or recording) without permission from HEKA Verlag Freiburg.


Layout and Design

Cover: Stefan Kallinich



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Photo Credits

Cover photo and portrait photos of Herbert Kallinich:

Thomas Kaiser

All further photos: Herbert Kallinich


Reference Sources

Food ingredients quoted from “Souci – Fachmann – Kraut“.

Text passages quoted from “Gesund & schlank länger leben“

written by Herbert Kallinich.


Important Note

The information and recommendations given in this book have been thoroughly reviewed by the author and the publishing house. Nevertheless they do not assume responsibility for any damages which directly or indirectly result from the application of this HEKA-guidebook


In case of any serious health problems please go to see a doctor!



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